We schedule 3-5 in-person webinars (we call them "presinars") each month that are held in different locations and at different times for your convenience. These are great networking events!

As a USGBC Education Partner we have the benefit of submitting GBCI hours on your behalf if you attend one. Webinars are free for Chapter members but must be attended in person for credit.

The best way to sign up for upcoming webinars is to look at our events calendar and to sign up using the registration link in the top right corner of the event page. 

Please have your LEED GBCI number available when attending the webinar for proper documentation. Partifipants must be present at the webinar site for webinar credit. Most webinars have a brief and voluntary discussion after the webinar has concluded.

Webinars are free to Massachusetts Chapter members. If you are not yet a member, sign up now!