Student Scholarship

We are committed to sharing our educational opportunities with everyone who wants to implement change in the built environment. We understand that some students may not have the means to join us for some sessions priced at market value and we never intend for this to be a barrier. 

  • We welcome students to either share with us their situation and what they can afford to pay. In most cases we can fund students from our Emerald Fund (supported by our Emerald Level Members).
  • Connect us with their department so we can work with the academic institution to plan a solution.
  • The best outcomes usually come with group discounts for students. If you have a few colleagues who are in the same financial situation, we will see what we can do.

Please send all requests to Celis Brisbin, Director of Operations: [email protected]. For consideration, please communicate the following: 

  • Name
  • Program of study, academic institution, year of graduation
  • Statement of need
  • Statement of intent: What do you intend to do with the information gathered in the session
  • How many of your colleagues, if any, are in joint consideration? 
  • What other programs are you also interested in a discount for? 


We hope that through these avenues, we can support engagement with the leaders of tomorrow, teaching them the tools to transform the market and world we live in.