Special Events

Welcome to our special events page. Though we stay active with events every week, we like to plan special events every quarter where we can celebrate the progress in each of the sub-sectors of green building and collect the best and brightest professionals in the industry to further the mission. We hope that you keep your eyes out for the following events throughout the year. See ya there!

Building Tech Forum

The Building Tech Forum connects new technology, both products and services, with the designers of green buildings. Typically, a panel will discuss building technological advances in temperature, security, and other areas, as well as their associated challenges. The Forum also includes a small trade floor for vendors to present their products, as well as an opportunity for networking. It is held after work hours to facilitate maximum participation. See the 2017 Forum here.

Healthy Materials Summit

The Healthy Materials Summit involves educational sessions on the selection of products and finishes that affirm the quality of life of occupants. The USGBC, MA Chapter will be partnering with a team of architects to provide the content for the event. Topics will include red list (harmful) chemicals, environmental product declarations, and others. Participants will have the ability to select sessions of interest from a list of options held during the roughly 1:00-6:00 p.m. time period. Networking will occur after the sessions are completed.

Green Building Showcase 

The Green Building Showcase is the premier USGBC MA Chapter event. It features green buildings from the New England area that were completed in a designated time period. Attendees have the option of submitting posters to showcase their contribution to the design of green buildings. The Showcase is held after working hours for about three hours. The Green Building Awards program is awarded at this event as well. Green Building Showcase 2017 Recap.