Ongoing Advocacy

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While USGBC Massachusetts priorities for 2017 can be found here, we still work diligently to advance other aspects of our built environment.

Our ongoing priorities include:

  • Net Metering Improvements - Offset electricity bills by generating onsite renewable energy, expand deployment and equitable rates as per the NGSPFM. 
  • Energy Efficiency Education - Expand in-depth energy efficiency education and training programs for commercial building managers and operators.
  • Home Energy Efficiency Assessment - Improve building energy efficiency assessments within the Massachusetts residential real estate transaction.
  • Healthy Materials and Toxics -  Tighten regulation on building materials and toxics to ensure healthier buildings for the people of Massachusetts.
  • Local LEED Ordinances - Working with cities throughout the state to encourage local LEED requirements. 

Please see our blog and calendar for updates and events. 


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