Green Building Showcase 2017 Board Display

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The USGBC MA 2017 Awards PROGRAM 

The Green Building Showcase includes our Annual USGBC MA Awards Program! 

You can display showboards of your projects as part of the showcase, and also, enter a board into the awards contest.

To enter your board, please go to our Eventbrite page, click 'Tickets' on the right-hand side, choose the options applicable to you (Board, Green Building of the Year Award Entry, and/or Green Building Market Leadership Entry), and answer the questions relating to your board.

If you plan to purchase multiple boards and/or tickets, please call us at 617-752-2422 and ask to speak with Emily.

Showboards (mounted posters) are a great way to convey the awesomeness of your projects to the community. We create an online showcase at our website to carry these amazing profiles into the coming year for the public.


The Awards Program is sponsored by the USGBC Massachusetts Chapter to promote, publicize, and recognize exceptional sustainable practices in the built environment in Massachusetts. The aim of these awards is to further stimulate and advance innovation in green building in Massachusetts and inspire the community to engage in even greener practices.

Award entries are due June 8th, 2017.

Why Should I Enter?

Inspiration– These awards honor the buildings that best lives up to their green design and shows outstanding water and energy performance. They raise the performance bar for future buildings.

Recognition– Submissions will be put on display at the Green Building Showcase. Award entrants and winners will all be highlighted on the Chapter’s website. 

Networking- Display your design with the real estate professionals who will be attending the event. Reconnect with past clients and meet new ones be presenting your projects at the Green Building Showcase.