Green Building Leadership Center

Welcome to the Green Building Leadership Center!

The Green Building Leadership Center is our framework to improve, empower and embolden our green building practitioner community.

We know there is huge potential to grow achievement on our mission through education. The more people who are excellent at green building practices, the better we are. The more people who are able to translate practitioner excellence into successful business development, the better we are. The more people who "get it" about green buildings as being better investments in their community, the better we will be. 

We see four basic categories of regular customers for our educational offerings:

  • Seasoned veterans in the business needing to stay on the cutting edge
  • Mid-level professionals who are technically expert, who can grow their leadership skills to drive commitment to sustainability goals among their peers, in the leadership of their firms, and in their clients
  • General practitioners who want to attain or maintain various accreditations related to green building practices such as LEED & WELL
  • Individuals who are advocates for green buildings but outside of the real estate industry - who can learn and shape general demand for green buildings. 

The GBLC will support the advancement of our mission by increasing accessibility to green building education.

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