Gerdling Edlen

Gerding Edlen is one of the nation's leading real estate investment and development firms focused on urban, infill, office, apartment and mixed-use properties. We love the projects they have put together in the Boston area - including Troy Boston in the South End, The Eddy in East Boston and 315 on A in the Seaport - all of them LEED Certified buildings of various levels. Keep up the great work, Gerding Edlen!


Founded 15 years ago, the firm provides investors and partners an opportunity to achieve returns by creating and owning exceptional properties where people can live, work and learn. Uniquely grounded in the goals of creating transformational buildings, vibrant communities and investment quality assets, Gerding Edlen is committed to building high quality and deeply sustainable properties that ensure enduring value for its investor partners. Gerding Edlen’s Principles of Place guide the firm's development efforts and ensure that properties create value for residents and tenants by creating and supporting communities. This commitment has led the firm to be a recognized national leader in sustainability, developing or re-developing more than 60 LEED certified or certified pending properties. Unique in the breadth of its in-house expertise, Gerding Edlen is an experienced developer and property manager in addition to its investment management, asset management, research and acquisition capabilities, adding value to its properties throughout the ownership cycle.

The firm's major divisions include—Investment Management, Property DevelopmentProperty Management, and Gerding Edlen Sustainable Solutions. Looking to the future, Gerding Edlen continues to cultivate its expertise in creating exceptional apartment, office and mixed-use properties that add value to our communities and environment.

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Some photos of Gerding Edlen investments and properties taken from its website.