Emerald Level Support

Thank you for considering supporting our orgainization at the higher-level individual contribution categories.

Your generous support at $500 or $1000 per year will directly contribute to the impact of our mission.

  • Emerald-level contrubutors support our Scholarship Program which eliminates the cost barrier for students to engage with Green Building education at the Chapter. Learn more about the Emerald level impact here.
  • Green Advocate members play a big role in educating our community and expanding an active presence across Massachusetts.

We hope that you will consider supporting us this year by signing up as a higher level member today. Donations are tax deductible and, in addition to supporting our scholarships and advocacy, contributors will receive numerous membership benefits including: 

  • LEND your voice to other important Chapter decisions
  • STAR in a Chapter Podcast on Green Building Science
  • Pre-qualify for SPEAKERS BUREAU and USGBC Webinar Production
  • INVITATIONS to exclusive events
  • RECOGNITITION as an Emerald Level Member on name badge at all events
  • PROFILE PAGE - bio, answers to section questions (fav advo topics, why do you support the mission, etc)
  • PROVIDE support to our Scholarship Program through our Emerald Fund
  • BE LISTED on our Membership Directory
  • EARN up to 50% of your CEUs for Volunteering
  • PARTICIPATE in community-based programming such as workshops and outreach
  • COMPLIMENTARY Registration to the Member Appreciation Awards
  • INVITATION to drive our mission forward