Coalition Partnerships

We work with our coalition partners to promote our mission and advocacy priorities


The Alliance for Clean Energy Solutions (ACES) is a “coalition of coalitions” comprised of business groups, clean energy companies, environmental organizations, labor, health, and consumer advocates dedicated to advancing clean energy for Massachusetts. ACES is committed to ensuring that those charged with shaping Massachusetts’ energy policies have the most rigorous, current data on the benefits and costs of clean energy. Our goal is to ensure that the Commonwealth can attain a cost-effective, reliable and diverse energy supply to power its businesses, communities and households, which will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, create a stable and prosperous business environment and meet the Commonwealth’s greenhouse gas emissions requirements. Learn more at the coalition's website (site is currently being updated for 2017 policy updates) - check out the NECEC website for more information until the coalition website is finished.

Members Include: US Green Building Council Massachusetts Chapter, Acadia Center, Alliance for Business Leadership, Climate Action Business Association, Clean Water Action, E4TheFuture, Energy Storage Association, Environment Massachusetts, Environmental Entrepreneurs, Environmental League of Massachusetts, Health Care Without Harm, Mass Audubon, Mass Energy Consumers Alliance, Northeast Clean Energy Council, Northeast Energy Efficiency Council, RENEW Northeast, Solar Energy Business Association of New England, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Vote Solar.

Contact: Kate Plourd Johnson, NCEC Senior Director of Communications & Public Relations - [email protected]







The Massachusetts Environmental Collaborative 

Initiated by the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) in 1997 with 20 environmental groups, the Massachusetts Environmental Collaborative has grown to over 40 member organizations throughout the state. Together, ELM and collaborative members such as USGBC share knowledge, pool resources, discuss priorities and strategies, and provide a strong advocacy voice on key environmental concerns. Learn more here.

Contact: Erica Mattison, ELM Legislative Director - [email protected]







Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Coalition

The Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Coalition is comprised of 50 government agencies, business leaders, engineers, architects, and energy and environmental organizations that focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation through advocacy, education, and outreach. The organization has a four part strategy:

  • Executive - Working with the Baker Administration to: support existing state agency efforts in public safety, public health, infrastructure and the environment; expand efforts through public funding in both the operating and capital budget; convene stakeholders and develop integrated policies and program among cabinet secretariats.
  • Legislative - Advocating for passage of legislation preparing Massachusetts for climate change impacts.
  • Coalition - Establishing and building a coalition of stakeholders that represent the diversity of stakeholders that are being impacted by climate change.
  • Public Education & Outreach - Using traditional and social media, such as Twitter, to spread the word about climate adaptation and strategy updates.

For more information chekc out the coalition's website here.

Contact: Jack Clarke, Mass Audubon's Director of Public Policy & Government Relations - [email protected]




Massachusets Power Forward 

The Mass Power Forward coalition has 160 member organizations that support transitioning Massachusetts away from fossil fuel power sources to efficient renewable energy sources. The coalition works to ensure that MA adopts an energy policy that supports local renewable energy resources, keeps energy dollars in our communities, creates sustainable, living-wage jobs and protects our Commonwealth from climate change and life-threatening pollution. Check out the coalition website here.

The campaign supports energy policy that:

  1. Advances Massachusetts toward a safer and healthier economy powered by 100% clean, renewable sources for heat and power, maximizing energy efficiency, demand reduction, energy storage, responsibly sited solar, wind on and off-shore;
  2. Combats climate change, keeping us on track to reduce global warming pollution by no less than 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050;
  3. Reduces our dependence on polluting energy sources such as coal, oil, gas and nuclear power,  burn technologies like biomass and trash incinerators, and all systems that generate power at the expense of public health; and prohibits public subsidies for new fossil fuel infrastructure;
  4. Democratizes our power grid, empowering everyday people to access, own and control locally generated energy; and prioritizes people over corporations, putting neighborhoods, families and public lands over polluting energy industries;
  5. Ensures a just transition for workers and communities with retiring power plants and opens up the benefits of the green economy to low-income people and people of color.

Contact: [email protected]