Building Tech Forum

The Building Tech Forum is April 21st!

Join colleagues in the real estate industry who are passionate about solving the problems of building performance. Buildings are fundamentally about technology. Innovation in the building sector is driving improvements in performance and enhancements to the user experience. Join us for this exciting investigation in to the intersection of buildings, innovative technology and real estate. 

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At the Building Tech Forum you will onnect with firms who are leaders in innovation in real estate. Connect on the local level to important trends for sustainability in real estate. Let's bring together the users and the providers who are delivering the next solutions to the challenges of building design and facility management.

You are part of this community of practitioners in the green building sector - owners, builders, designers and operators - with innovators on the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Who better to partner with for this interactive experience than Greentown Labs, the world's largest tech incubator, right here in Massachusetts.


You may want to join our roster of sponsoring organizations! See below for details.


Gold Sponsors Boston Properties will share how they connect to the tech scene in Massachusetts and how they incorporate innovations into their projects to drive improvements to building performance. Ben Myers, Sustainability Manager for Boston Properties, will keynote our event.

The Building Tech Forum is also sponsored by the NECEC - Northeast Clean Energy Center.  Since NECEC formed in 2006, part of its core mission has included supporting innovative and emerging cleantech companies across the region. Today, NECEC’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship efforts are led by Cleantech Navigate Northeast, the only region-wide resource network helping cleantech entrepreneurs make quality, targeted connections year-round and on a regional scale.


MassCEC - the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center will also be sponsoring this event. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies and projects in the Commonwealth—while creating high-quality jobs and long-term economic growth..

Another great sponsor is Fraunhofer, the non-profit building science R&D laboratory. Kurt Roth of Fraunhofer will share his insight into trends and lines of research and development that he sees in  building tech.



Wentworth Institute of Technology is a university based in Boston that focuses on technical design and engineering.  Wentworth's approach to sustainability aspires to improve environmental, social, and economic performance. A core aspect of Wentworth's sustainability strategy is to seek out opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint of campus operations. 


Ogletree Deakins is a premiere labor and employment law firm that provides employment law counsel to employers (large and small), including companies involved in creating innovative technologies. is a leading labor and employment law firm. Ogltree Deakins will be participating in our second panel of the day. 



The Green Engineer, Inc. is a sustainable design consulting firm specializing in solutions to design, build, and operate buildings with improved energy efficiency and reduced impact on the environment.

SMMA (Symmes Maini and McKee Associates) is an architectural, engineering, and interior design firm based in Massachusetts. Since 1955, SMMA has balanced architecture, engineering, interiors, and site design to afford clients the agility of a single source of creative and technical expertise. Their practice is guided by a shared pursuit of design excellence and social responsibility.



You will be able to interact with innovators in Building Tech who will be displaying their technologies such as:

ThinkLite is a global lighting efficiency company that custom designs, manufactures, distributes, and installs energy efficient retrofit solutions to commercial customers and governments. The results of these retrofit solutions are a 50-60% reduction in lighting costs and 8-10 year lifespan with no maintenance and significantly improved light quality. ThinkLite is the creator of the world’s highest lumens per watt LED Tube retrofits, allowing its customers to achieve maximum levels of savings with the least energy consumption. 

BuildingiQ is a unique cloud based automated HVAC software that continuously optimizes a buildings HVAC system (utilizing the existing BMS) resulting in 10-25% energy savings and increased comfort.

A. Jandris and Sons recently installed CarbonCure technology, which is an affordable retrofit to existing Concrete Masonry Plants plants that allows producers to recycle CO2, resulting in more environmentally friendly concrete.

SolaBlock is developing a suite of masonry-clad solar photovoltaic wall systems-uniquely engineered to bring cost-effective solar electricity to urban, campus, and and remote applications. SolaBlock is "Tough City Solar".

Pillar Technologies is a construction site risk management system using connected sensors to provide realtime feedback on current site conditions. 

B2Q Associates creates software that monitors building operations, predicates probable equipment failures, diagnoses their causes, monetizes the energy cost penalties, and recommends corrective action, all in real-time.

Budderfly leverages Cloud based software, smart meters and micro-meters to provide flexible, scalable and cost effective tools to engage everyone, at every level of the enterprise, in the energy conservation process

Moen is the leading manufacturer of residential faucets and shower valves in North America, manufacturing high performing, low flow products for installation in residential housing, hospitality and commercial buildings..

European Architectural Supply distributes high-performance window products to the Passive House and Net-Zero building community. 


Recover Green Roofs is a design/build firm specializing in landscape on structure- from farms to parks to stormwater management gardens, all on the roof. Recover is dedicated to improving our urban environment by bringing living systems to otherwise lifeless space.

UltraCell Insulation LLC is working to deliver the purest, cleanest, and best-performing cellulose insulation the industry has ever seen.

KGS connect buildings around the world to an automated, cloud based analytics platform that provides facility management insight to customers. They help clients innovate in facility operations, while KGS innovates in connected buildings, insightful analytics, and scalable energy, cost and carbon impact.

SemaConnect is the leading provider of electric vehicle amenities to the North American commercial and residential property market.

For forward thinking, energy conscious builders and architects who want the best for their occupants, View Dynamic Glass offers intelligent windows that maximize natural light and unobstructed views while reducting heat and glare.

The Boston Area Sustainability Group’s mission is to break down the silos of knowledge within sustainability, to assist the perpetual education of ourselves and our peers, and to grow a robust community of subject matter experts equipped to collectively drive sustainability forward. We are an affinity group of 1000+ sustainability professionals representing a myriad of industries, academia, government, NGO, and not-for-profit entities in the Boston area. Since 2009, we have come together on a regular basis to network, to learn, and to exchange on critical topics of sustainability. 

WaterGrip™ is a revolutionary, environmentally friendly plant growing medium that combines traditional organic mix ingredients and coconut coir, and incorporates proprietary, intellectual properties which promote rapid, healthier plant growth. WaterGrip drastically reduces water usage, labor costs, and storm water runoff due to its superior water holding capacity –up to eight times its dry weight. Our products allow for a higher level of water absorption and retention, resulting in less frequent irrigation. WaterGrip™ has superior capillary action, drawing water and distributing it evenly throughout the entire material. Due to its high cation exchange capacity, nutrient availability is dramatically enhanced. The exceptional porosity of the medium allows oxygen to get to the roots even when they are over-watered. 

3ACH50 builds air barrier solutions throughout Massachusetts. Strategic air-sealing measures have become an essential part of building codes to provide a defense for healthy air quality and proper moisture management.  The company has over a decade of experience solving infiltration problems in multi-family dwellings. 



More are signing up - it will be a cool mash-up of tech and building people!


Building Tech:


Pathways to Involvement:

The Origins of the Event:

Building tech is the intersection of the innovation economy and real estate. The green building industry is right here in the middle of it - creating new ways to increase the value of real estate and improve the sustainability of our building stock and our communities in general. Buildings are responsible for 30% of greenhouse gases globally, and approximately 40% in the US. Recently, at the COP21 negotiations, the UN convened a "Buildings Day" to explore the ways the real estate sector can support improved environmental performance through better buildings. USGBC is committed to the creation of 5 billion square feet of certified green buildings in the next five years: this will require deployment of technology on a massive scale. The results will be better buildings, healthier occupants, more vibrant communities and a thriving industry connecting technology to real estate. 


We at the Massachusetts Chapter are here to champion that effort in our Commonwealth and we need to bring all the parties together.  You can read more about the ambitions of global leaders and recent agreements here. It is an exciting time to be a part of the high performance segment of the building industry!



5:30 - Orienting Remarks
6:00 - First Program begins; Keynote w Ben Myers and Kurt Roth
6:20 - First Program ends; games ensue
7:20 - Second Program begins: Panel w St Gobain, The Green Engineer, SMMA and Ogletree Deakins
7:40 - Second Program ends
8:15 - Final Remarks and Appreciations
8:30 - End












At the Building Tech Forum you will:

  • meet people who will help you on your next high performance building project
  • encounter inspiring new technologies and solution strategies
  • hear from industry leaders about where things are going
  • connect your business to the innovations going on in the building sector

We look forward to having you with us!

  • High-quality colleagial interactions!
  • Food and drinks throughout the evening!
  • Special demonstrations and interactive challenges!