Building for Green Training Program

by | Mar 12, 2019

Our Building for Green Training Program is a new pilot program funded through the Commonwealth Workforce Training Fund’s Small Business Direct Access Program. The Small Business Direct Access Program is meant to help small business train their employees in relevant industry skills. 

What is the Building for Green Training Program?

USGBC-MA is committed to upholding our mission to promote, train, and advocate for all forms of the sustainable building from design, construction, and ongoing operations. The Building for Green Training Program is focused on cutting-edge instruction to address the design, construction and operations of buildings. Current industry trends include more integrative design team processes and greater efficiency featuring sustainable green design outcomes. 

We will be using the funding to provide free training for small business in the building industry.  We will be providing training in three areas: 

Businesses that participate in the training areas will develop industry leading skills in:

  • Green design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Operations and management of green buildings
  • Integrative design planning and strategies for high performance buildings

Buildings are the single largest user of energy and producer of greenhouse gases, more than transportation systems. The demand for green building technicians in Massachusetts is strong and growing. The green building industry has experienced serious growth. In 2015, the green building industry was projected to grow by $29.91 billion by 2018 according to a Booz Allen Hamilton report. Currently, the industry is projected to grow another 13% (from 32% to 45%) between 2018-2021 based on a World Green Building Trends 2018 report. The report also cited client demand as a major reason for the continued growth of the green building market. USGBC-MA’s goal is to support the local building industry and provide small businesses with training opportunities to lead the green building market.



In order to qualify for the program, small businesses must be:

  • 100 employees or less
  • MA based employer

When does the program begin?

We will begin offering free training in May 2019 and we are currently accepting inquiries. If your business is interested, please fill out the form below and provide information about your business, the training your employees would like to take part in, and any questions you may have.

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