ABX 2016

ABX 2016 was a blast! During the Northeast's largest architecture expo of the year, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center was filled with thousands of architects, product manufacturers, and of course, green building enthusiasts from around the world.

Our sponsored sessions were packed with eager sustainability enthusiasts. We talked LEED, WELL, how green building makes you smarter, and how to put all the pieces together to make a successful, sustainable new design.

On Monday night, together with International Living Future Institute (ILFI) we held an awesome pre-mixer to get everyone hyped up for ABX 2016! We were honored to have Amanda Sturgeon, their CEO, come out from Seattle (as she would be at ABX this week) and share some words of wisdom with our packed room of green building leaders. It was really a rogue's gallery of who is working on the most aggressive green building design and implementation.

On Wednesday during ABX 2016, we worked together with Quebec to throw an awesome party, celebrating our partnership, architecture, our mutual mission for a better tomorrow, and more green buildings! In between networking sessions, we saw Grey Lee, Yann Lamarche, Keith Kalinowski, and a couple of heartening testimonials by customers who are picking up the accent. We also brought back the showboards from our Green Building Showcase in September - lots of cool projects to share with the community encore!

We look forward to seeing you at ABX 2017 and other future events!