2016 Green Building Showcase Retrospective

By Jen Cole on 6/7/2017

As we gear up for our largest showcase yet coming up on June 15th, we want to take a chance to look back on our showcase from last year! One of the best parts of last year's event was simply being inside Boston Properties' beautiful 888 Boylston Street building that truly proves how far we've come with technology and innovation. Among the beauty of the building, there were also enlightening and energetic speeches by Bryan Koop, Liyang Wang, Mark Stafford, Austin Blackmon, Rick Fedrizzi, and Grey Lee.

The event is all about networking, exchanging business cards, meeting new people, and of course, desserts and drinks. The entire floor last year was filled with laughter, handshakes, hugs, and smiles all around. The best of all was the 2016 Green Building of the Year went to Elkus Manfredi for their entry of the LEED Platinum New Balance Headquarters in Allston!

Our Showcase last year was packed with amazing people and chapter friends that are changing Boston for the better by helping us to modernize our wonderful city. We hope to see everyone back at this year's showcase because the Green Building industry deserves to be in the spotlight!!

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