2017 Board Candidates

Greetings from members of the 2016 Board of Directors (above) - the USGBC MA looks forward to the incoming board. Best wishes to all the candidates!



2017 board candidate bios

Henrietta Davis - Community Based Organization - Self-Employed

As the former mayor of the city of Cambridge and a long time city councilor, I led many of the city's environmental and sustainability efforts. Most recently I served on the net zero task force and spoke at Greenbuild last fall. I am on the board of the Institute for market transformation, a national organization focusing on energy efficiency in buildings. I'm also on the board of the Mass Climate Action Network, MCAN.

I look forward to working with others to advance the cause of net zero buildings and communities. Also, I've had lots of board experience and feel that I can contribute to the functioning of the organization, making it the best green building organization I can be.

Barbra Batshalom - Other - Sustainable Performance Institute

After 12 years in mainstream architecture, I became a leader in the green building industry in 1998 when I founded The Green RoundTable (GRT), which became an Affiliate of USGBC in 2000 and then SPI, which had been a project of GRT until 2011. I have led policy initiatives for sustainability, working with a wide range of local government, corporate and institutional organizations, been a consultant on hundreds of development projects of all scales and worked with product manufacturers, helping them to green their offerings and connect to their target audience. I have created (and delivered) educational programs that have trained thousands of practitioners and raised awareness of laypeople and youth. My passion and full-time commitment is to foster growth of sustainability and embed it in all aspects of our culture, operations and the development of our communities.

Aside from passion and commitment, I bring almost 2 decades of experience running green building nonprofits, from fundraising to program management and strategic planning and development. The Chapter is at a pivotal point now, evolving in a new direction with a revitalized purpose and strategic direction. I have been a part of this process of evolution and want to continue to contribute my experience in the next phase to complete the process within the organization. For many years, I have created programs from scratch and brought them from concept to realization and that is what the Chapter is on the threshold of now – redefining our offerings to be relevant to our community and its needs. I want to work with my peers and contribute to its success!

John "JC" Courtney - Building Systems - Siemens Building Technologies

Prior to Siemens, I worked with Aircuity, where we helped institutional and commercial owners realize energy savings from environmental monitoring and making automatic HVAC adjustments. Aircuity works with laboratory owners to monitor critical spaces for contaminants and adjusts airflow to optimize for energy savings, while protecting people.

With Siemens, I work with institutions and commercial clients to help them identify facility goals and build the technology and process solutions to achieve their objectives. Too often, buildings drift from their design parameters, my goal is to apply data analytics for clients to operate their buildings as close to its design parameters as possible to drive efficiencies over the life of the asset.

At Aircuity, I actively supported our partnership with the I2SL organization and, in 2016, drove Aircuity’s sponsorship of the Massachusetts USGBC organization. Since August, I’ve worked on the Greenbuild ’17 host committee with the USGBC.

While I currently work for Siemens, I bring a fresh perspective of over 20 years experience in IT technologies and software. I applied data analytics and software security with clients across many industries including higher education, financial and life sciences. As Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and big data become vitally important in managing building systems, I am able to apply my knowledge of traditionally “computer” technologies to serve the need of driving efficiencies in facilities.

I have served on community boards, most notably, the Northborough Youth Soccer Association board, where I built consensus within our community and regional league to implement critical evolutionary changes. By analogy, “Smart Cities” will create evolutionary changes in “Smart Building” industries. With my knowledge of the tools and processes that underpin many of the innovations in building systems technologies, I will bring unique insights to the USGBC board.

Shawn Hesse - Architecture - emersion DESIGN

I am an architect and sustainability consultant with emersion DESIGN, and have over 13 years of experience with projects pursuing LEED, net-zero energy, and Living Building Challenge certification. I've also consulted with many municipalities to develop policy and incentives related to green building, net-zero, and green jobs.

I am running for re-election to the board. In 2016, I served as Board President, and chaired the development of a new strategic plan including updated mission and vision statements, and helped to develop an MOU between our Chapter and the International Living Future Institute. I'm looking forward to continuing my work on the board in 2017.

I also currently serve as a member of the Social Equity Working group under the USGBC LEED Technical Committee, writing social equity focused credits for future versions of LEED.

Ethan Lay-Sleeper - Planning - Sasaki

As a former USGBC MA intern, and current member of the Board of Directors, Ethan brings experience from the fields of architecture and planning in both the public and private sectors. His experience ranges from designing and promoting LEED certified buildings, to incorporating LEED-focused performance standards and renewable energy systems into municipal planning efforts. As a planner for Sasaki Associates, he works in interdisciplinary teams to produce planning, design, and policy solutions focused on place-making and sustainability.

As a member of the Board of Directors, Ethan provides input and feedback on key initiatives to support the Chapter's mission and vision around a net positive built environment. He is currently working on a subcommittee to identify opportunities for the Chapter to initiate local projects in sustainability; he is also working to identify new ways to leverage the Chapter's growing membership around advocacy efforts in Green Building, and beyond.

John Dalzell - Municipal Government - Boston Planning & Development Agency

Massachusetts Registered Architect, LEED Fellow and AP in BD & C, and ND

• USGBC, National Board of Directors – urban design, city and community development perspective (past)
• USGBC LEED for Neighborhood Development Core Committee, member (past)
• USGBC Massachusetts Chapter, Founding Board Member, Strategic Planning Task Group Co-Chair, Executive Director Search and Selection Committee (past)

BPDA, Senior Architect for Sustainable Development: Responsible for the creation and implementation of sustainable development, green building, and strategic planning initiatives:
• E+ Green Building and Communities – Co-leading planning, disposition and development initiative pioneering equity, energy and environmentally net positive development.
• Zero Net Energy Coalition – Led Boston Host Committee for 2015 Summit purposed to promoting national ZNE practice and policy.
• Article 37 Green Building Zoning – Crafted and implemented first in the nation zoning requiring private development to build green use LEED rating systems, and member of the Inter-Agency Green Building Committee.

If given the opportunity to continue serving as a Board Member, I would draw upon my recent experiences as a Board Member and passionate green building practitioner to ensure the continued growth and evolution of the Chapter.

Vision - with extensive experience in the local, regional, and national sustainable development and green building movement, I would work to focus the chapter on areas of critical concern to membership and practitioners, and specifically on net positive practices.

Leadership - drawing from my experiences as a Founding Board Member of the Chapter and a national USGBC Board Member I would bring organizational best practice guidance to the Board and work to expand the Chapter's businesses opportunities.

Management - the success of our green building movement is part passion, part vision, and a significant amount of hard work. I will work to bring effective and high impact management policies and practices to Board.

Rebecca Hatchadorian - Sustainability Consulting - Arup

I became a LEED AP in 2006 while working as an architect. In 2008, I joined Arup, a leader in sustainable design, to become a sustainability consultant and solely focus my career in the building industry on sustainability. This career shift was prompted by my firm belief that sustainable design has to be the guiding principle in all that we do so that we are able to continue to grow and improve quality of life while addressing the challenge of climate change.
As a sustainability consultant in Singapore and Boston, I have worked on numerous LEED projects in addition to a broad range of projects ranging from energy masterplanning, to retrofits to new construction and vulnerability assessments. For the past four years, I have also been involved with Arup’s corporate sustainability at the regional and global levels to continue to drive sustainability and improve how we operate as an organization. 

Now more than ever, the opportunity to lead the agenda for a sustainable future sits within our local communities and governments. Since our founding, Arup has been an early and vocal proponent for sustainability; it is a large part of why I joined the firm. Arup also has been a long standing supporter of the USGBC and its mission. For the past year, Fiona Cousins of Arup has held the Chair on the USGBC Board of Directors. I am eager to share what I have learned in my time at Arup as a sustainability consultant working locally and abroad and on corporate sustainability, but am also excited about what I can learn from the vibrant and committed USGBC MA chapter. As a member of the board, I look forward to helping continue to lead the way in pushing for a more sustainable and resilient future

Mike Davis - Affordable Housing - LISC

Mike manages LISC Boston’s Green Retrofit Initiative, a statewide technical assistance program to help owners of affordable housing stabilize operating costs, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and provide residents with a higher quality of life through energy efficiency and healthy housing improvements.

Over the past six years, LISC Boston has worked with over 50 multifamily affordable housing owners statewide to benchmark a total of 17,000 units, retrofit more than 5,000 units, and leverage over $17 million. Beyond working on individual retrofit projects, the Green Retrofit Initiative program has engaged 20 owners statewide to create Green Asset Management Plans for portfolios totaling 29,000 units, and created a portfolio savings analysis for each owner.

Mike’s goal is to take lessons learned from the field and strengthen policies that make it easier for affordable housing owners and their residents to benefit from energy efficiency, clean energy, and healthy housing initiatives. 

Mike has served on the Board of Directors for the past two years. In particular, he has a focus on equity issues and ensuring all neighborhoods benefit from the clean energy economy. Mike was very involved in the chapter’s Strategic Planning initiative over the past year and is helping lead the chapter’s work focused on creating “Net Positive Communities”. Mike believes in the power of partnerships and would like to see the chapter engage in more strategic partnerships with aligned organizations over the next two years. Since GreenBuild will be held in Boston this year, he believes this presents a great opportunity to partner on a social equity focused project that will spur green job creation, save organizations/households money, and result in a lasting impact that every future GreenBuild host will seek to replicate.  

Carrie Havey - Engineering - The Green Engineer, Inc.

Carrie is a Senior Project Manager with The Green Engineer, Inc., a sustainable design consulting firm. She works collaboratively with project teams to provide sustainable design advice and LEED guidance throughout all project phases. Carrie has managed the LEED certification process for a large variety of projects, including: higher education, K-12 schools, healthcare, labs, municipal buildings, and commercial interiors.

She has been involved in developing specifications for several LEED v4 projects and moderated a talk at Greenbuild this past year on writing specifications to meet the LEED v4 materials credit requirements. She has participated in writing exam questions for both the LEED GA and LEED BD+C v4 Exam.

Carrie has a background in urban planning and landscape architecture and is currently a member of the USGBC Sustainable Sites TAG (and previously served on LP TAG). She has served the past two years on the USGBC MA Chapter Board of Directors.

I will bring my LEED expertise and green building knowledge to the board along with my knowledge of the Chapter’s history and processes.

I look forward to contributing my knowledge and connections in the building design and construction field for the advancement the Chapter’s membership base and programs. I am enthusiastic about putting the Chapter’s strategic plan into action and helping to brand the chapter as a Net Positive Organization.

I am a founding member of the Massachusetts Chapter and served as the Chair of the Communications Committee for five years. I have served on the Executive Committee of the Board for the last two years, first as Treasurer, then as Secretary. These experiences have given me a strong perspective on the organization and the direction I think we should go in order to grow and expand.

Jim Jones - Construction - Skanska

Completion of several feasibility studies, life cycle cost analyses, and construction cost budgets for both stand-alone renewable energy projects and for proposed high-performance buildings. In addition, I am leading the effort to create a Building Management Systems/Building Automation Systems workforce development training program at Roxbury Community College as a means of both optimizing the operation of high-performance buildings and creating career opportunities for under-served, under-represented communities. Over the past year, I have served as a board member of the USGBC Massachusetts Chapter; I have attended several Advocacy Committee meetings; I frequently attend A Better City Sustainability Committee Meetings; and I participate in Skanska's in-house LEED Committee.  

I will bring continued focus on undertaking pragmatic initiatives to green the environment. After the workforce development training program is set up at Roxbury Community College, I will work on introducing BAS/BMS training into the vocational school curriculum in Massachusetts. I will also continue to emphasise the vital importance of balancing the green movement by giving voice to a large segment of the project delivery and building operations industry that currently feels unwelcome at the USGBC and that is very intimidated by the heated rhetoric heard within the USGBC. We have sidelined the people who have an objective, fact-based, hands-on understanding of how buildings function. Because the major gains in the environmental movement exist in the realms of controls systems, mechanical systems, and power generation, we will actively welcome specialists in these fields into the Chapter, and our movement will be more relevant and more effective as a result. 

Michael Fiorillo - Education - Boston Architectural College

I’m and Architect and have sustainability experience at both construction and design firms. For the past 10 years, I’ve worked in the education sector; currently I’m the Director of Sustainability at the Boston Architectural College. In my current position I have curricular and administrative oversight over the Masters’ in Sustainable Design program at the BAC and I work across the different schools at the school (Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Architecture) to coordinate approaches and content towards sustainability.

I believe that attracting new members during their student years should be a goal of the Chapter. Since I joined the board in October, I’ve been working with our Executive Director, Grey Lee and Director of Operations, Celis Brisbin to develop strategies for creative funding, product bundling and marketing to bring training programs to the large Boston higher education population. Our first iteration of this strategy will roll out in February with a training event at the BAC. We hope to move on, iteratively, to other institutions over the next year.